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If your company has a need to train several employees, the Specialty Tea Institute is able to train from 10 - 30 students at your site.

Our STI Certified Tea Specialist instructors will come to you with a two day program so that your employees can learn on-site, interacting with each other while experiencing our Levels I & II series, the Foundations of Tea, while not having to incur the expense of travel.

The first course in STI’s expanding education and certification program, Foundations of Tea: Level One will provide attendees with a strong understanding of the 5 basic tea types and the two traditional styles of orthodox tea production used to create them. Topics also include the essential components of teas, where and how teas are grown, the stages of processing and what differentiates the different types and classifications of tea. Attendees will have the opportunity to taste representative samples of each of the 5 tea types, discuss tea steeping methods and examine the basic characteristics of different teas.

Building on the essential groundwork presented in Level One, Foundations of Tea: Level Two will examine CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl) tea production and manufacture, as well as blending, flavoring and scenting, and introduction to sensory evaluation of teas. Also included is an introduction to the principles of grading and naming teas by country of origin. This seminar will allow attendees to examine and taste 5-6 pairs of teas as they are guided through the basics of a comparison cupping of the 5 tea types.

Please contact the Specialty Tea Institute directly for individualized price quotes and arrangements.

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