STI Level 4 Professional Series Classes:

Beyond Traditions:
We know the traditional origins: China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka. But well over thirty countries produce tea, and it is necessary as a tea professional to understand the variety of teas available elsewhere. Beyond Traditions is a one day class that explores various regions and countries of origin that represent “new world” teas. Areas include East Africa, Asia and South America. You will learn and compare manufacturing differences; how tea came to these new origins; understand the impact of tea in these areas and on the world markets. No industry can be reliant only on “traditional” products, so join as we allow you to more fully experience tea as it expands throughout the world.

This one day class will give students the opportunity to learn the process of blending by working with various teas to produce unique infusions.

Cupping Defective Teas:
There are several reasons for tasting tea: does this tea meet my specifications? Does it match my standard? Should I consider this tea for purchase?
From producer to importer and wholesaler to merchandiser, the opportunities for tea to be negatively impacted are numerous. It is imperative for every professional taster to develop the ability to discern defects and understand the most likely cause. This course allows you to explore with your palate key defects that are common in the tea world and understand the cause(s). This one day class is an organized, focused examination of the possible causes of defective tea and a must for any person in the industry.

Technology of Tea:
The tea is a magical bush and when combined with the art and scientific skills of a master tea producer the power of the bush to produce exquisite teas is released.
This one day adventure takes you through the science behind the art of successful tea manufacture. From individual molecules to the finished product, you will gain a deep understanding of what happens during the manufacturing process, and ultimately, what must be done to produce the final product – a cup of tea!

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