Train the Trainer:
This one day class is designed for Level 3 Graduates interested in teaching STI courses.
Teaching is more than just spewing knowledge. This course literally teaches you how to teach. Using interactive techniques, small group dynamics and “mock” real world situations, you will experientially learn to become a better teacher, learn skills associated with managing small groups and be better able to communicate the knowledge you have to future students. Students will learn how to instruct the Foundations classes and have the opportunity to observe and try different techniques while learning from one another’s experiences.

Tea in the Food Service Environment:
Developed by Cynthia Gold, a Chef and Tea Sommelier, in this seminar we will focus on re-al life food service issues of tea service in a variety of environments, as well as tea and food pairings, cooking with tea and tea cocktails! This class complements the current STI curriculum but can also be taken alone.

Virtual Japan Tea Class

Covering the time from teas introduction to Japan during the Heian Period (794 – 1185) through to modern times, Sara Kadowaki (Japanese Tea Expert) covers the history of tea in Japan, the impact of tea on Japanese culture; the unique cultivars used and a comparative tasting of key Japanese varietals.

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