China Under Snow

02/04/2016 in Tea Talk by Peter Goggi   () comments

So, last Friday I turned 60.  Holy Crap, how did that happen??

In any case, I was feeling awful, and ended up in the Dr.’s office that day due to an upper respiratory infection.  Not good, but not the point of this musing!  

I was fortunate enough to be surprised at dinner by my three siblings, who all came to a restaurant, where I thought I was having dinner with my wife and kids.  Completely surprised, so congratulations to all the planners and executioners.  It was a great night!

T got me reflecting a bit on how lucky I’ve been to be in the tea business.  Many of my future writing will embraced this reflection, as my experiences have been fabulous and educational.

I want to go back to just last year, when I was in Chibi, China.  I have already written about the fabulous ceremonies and I’m glad to say I now have a video from my friends at China National Native, etc., etc., and you can find it here:

It’s pretty high quality. Now I don’t speak Mandarin, but I love the narrator’s intonations!  And if you look closely, you’ll even see a couple of shots of me in the video!

Secondly, one of the many new friends I made while there, Jane Jiang, who is the Foreign Trade Manager of Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co., Ltd., sent me these pictures.  How often to you see snow on tea??  These were taken at their tea gardens in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province.

They had snow twice recently, the first time was on 24th Jan, and the second time was on 1st Feb.
These pictures were taken on 25th Jan, as the first snow was heavy, about 5 cm (about 2 inches) and in the mountains about 10cm (~4 inches). At this moment, they can’t forecast if the heavy snow will affect the spring tea or not. 

I want to thank Jane and all at Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co. for sharing these pictures sending them to me.  Her picture is here too

So, enjoy the video from Chibi, take a few minutes and marvel at the beauty of tea bushes wrapped in a white blanket and for one brief moment, know that all is well with the world!





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